“Outdoor Living” – It’s More Than Just a Pool

For many people, especially in this part of Las Vegas/Southern Nevada Area, the backyard has become the focal point for entertaining. As a result, most of our projects go way beyond "just a swimming pool." Consider how much more fun your home will be with some of these options:




We can take care of any and all of the above for you. Just give us a call at 702-436-5733


Arbors, Pergolas, Cabanas

Would you like a little shade in your backyard area? An arbor or pergola can create a wonderful living area that stays cool and breezy, while still letting in plenty of light and fresh air.  (And with the right landscaping touch, it can become a natural “green” arbor.)


On the other hand, maybe you’d like an outdoor living area that you can use any time, regardless of the weather.  If so, a cabaña may be right for you.


Decks, Patios & Hardscapes

A new deck or patio can add a wonderful space for family gatherings, or for gaining access to a beautiful view. If you already have a deck, but you're just not happy with it, we'll be happy to design an alternative.


Fences and Enclosures

You may want to add a sentence or enclosure to your pool or outdoor living, for safety, security or privacy. If so, no problem. We have many options to choose from that will complement your backyard while making that area safer and more comfortable.


Fireplaces & Firepits

An outdoor fireplace or firepit can be a great addition to an outdoor living space. It can be a focal point to formalize your outdoor living room. And everyone knows that gathering around the campfire is a great way to entertain and interact with friends and family.


There are limitless possibilities for firepit and fireplace designs and materials, so take a look at some of these examples for some ideas.  Whatever you can envision, we can build.


Kitchens & Grills

Bull Outdoor Products are designed, engineered and crafted with the finest materials available to bring you the ultimate barbequing experience. Whether you want a complete BBQ Island on wheels or a variety of accessories to build your own backyard kitchen creation, all islands and components are guaranteed to make your outdoor entertaining area complete.To see Bull BBQ Islands, Grills and Stainless Steel Accessories, click on one of the links below.


Outdoor Kitchens Las Vegas


Bull BBQ Finished Islands



Bull BBQ Grill Heads



Bull BBQ Stainless Steel Accessories




A Pool Without Landscaping Will Always Look Unfinished. Fortunately, we have a landscape design team that works with our pool design team to come up with the ideal combination of waterscape and landscape. By designing it all at once, we can build in special places for unique plants and other landscape features.



A well-executed plan for outdoor lighting can have a dramatic impact on the look and beauty of your home, and all the spaces around it. It can give you new usable space that would normally be lost to the nighttime darkness. It can make an average area look like a work of art. And done properly, it can bring a sense of warmth and intimacy to any space.


Mosquito Control

Let’s face it…those little creatures are annoying and dangerous. We can help you to eliminate the unwanted guests in your backyard, with a built-in automatic system that’s safe and trouble free. Contact us for more details on this system, at (702) 436-5733.


Outdoor Furniture

Furniture is all about your personal style and taste.  What makes you and your guests comfortable?  Whether it be built-in or stand-alone, we can help you choose furniture that complements your new outdoor living area.  Let us help you design and build or purchase the right, comfortable outdoor living furniture for you.  To discuss your ideas for layout, style, and design, please call us at (702) 436-5733


Outdoor Lighting

Outdoor lighting will have a dramatic impact on the look and beauty of your home. It can make an average area look like a work of art, and bring a sense of warmth and intimacy to any space. It can also let you “recover” space that would be lost to the nighttime darkness.


Keep in mind that outdoor lighting doesn't have to be expensive. It just has to look good.  Call us to discuss your outdoor lighting options. (702) 436-5733


Paver Decks & Driveways

When the entryway to your home is artfully designed and properly installed, it can improve your attitude the minute you come home. Wouldn't that be a nice treat to enjoy for the rest of your life? (Click on any photo to enlarge.)


Ponds & Streams

We’re especially good at designing and building clean, natural-looking ponds and streams. Click here to take a look at our large collection of pond photos.


Retaining Walls

Sometimes, all it takes to “style-up” a place is a simple, properly executed retaining wall. Usually designed as part of an overall landscape project, a retaining wall can be made out of just about any material you like.


Sitting Areas

Not always a garden, not always a patio, we created another category of Outdoor Living that we call “Sitting Areas.” With these photos, you can see how we’ve taken an average or unusable area and turned it into something cozy, comfortable and relaxing. In fact, I think you’ll find we’re pretty good at visualizing and creating new living spaces in places where you may have never thought possible.


Special Landscape Features

To keep our website simple, we tried to group together as many similar projects as possible. But sometimes, some of our special touches just seem to defy categorization.



If you want to "feel good" about your home every day for the rest of your life, then you might consider updating the entryway to your home. Most people use their entryway at least twice a day.  Of course, not all walkways have to lead to your front door. We can beautify any area where you're trying to get "from point A to point B." Just take a look at some of these examples.