It’s the “Finishing Touches” That Make It Uniquely Yours.

The Tile, coping, deck material and interior finish produce the “finishing touch” to your custom waterscape. Just like cabinetry, countertops, and paint complete a style, so do the materials for your pool. We can help you make those choices that will create the final look you desire.



The Deck & Coping will have the greatest impact towards the look of your pool. Paving stones, flagstone and stamped or textured concrete are all popular choices. Natural stone is always a great choice as it complements the natural beauty of the Carolinas, but dyed and textured concrete also achieve a similar look for a portion of the natural stone expense.



Concrete Surface Options

Are you suffering from plain concrete syndrome? You've got concrete in good condition but not very exciting to look at? You don't need to rip it out and start over to upgrade its appearance. There are several ways to give existing concrete more color and eye appeal



Tiles & Mosaics - Most pools have some type of tile installed around the waterline, usually glass, ceramic or natural stone. Mosaics are available too, in hundreds of designs and colors. They can be large or small, playful or elegant, and installed just about anywhere.



Interior Finish - The old “white plaster” finish of the old days is essentially obsolete. Now you can get a custom colored marbleized finish in just about any color you want. Literally THOUSANDS of choices!) We also offer a super long-lasting “aggregate / polymer” finishes. We have hundreds of textures, styles and colors to choose from.



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